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We believe that blind people should not have to pay more than sighted people pay for the same reading material.

let the blind read


Our volunteers are amazing people who provide essential support within our audio department and play a vital role in helping us improve literacy amongst visually impaired persons. Voice artists read books and magazines in our in-house studios and we are always in need for volunteers to assist. To ensure the quality of our products, volunteers are subjected to a voice test before they get started to ensure that they have a good recording voice.


We also make use of volunteers to do research and compile articles for our magazine, “Die Pionier”, which is widely distributed amongst our community of visually impaired readers. Make an invaluable contribution to the lives of the visually impaired by becoming part of our valued team of volunteers.

Contact us if you want to VOLUNTEER!

Fundraising Events

Golf day for the blind in partnership with Innovation for the Blind.

let the blind read

Wills and Trusts

Remembering us in your will and/or trust is a very effective way to ensure that our work will be continued. By leaving a legacy gift, your values will live on in the impact that we have on the lives of the visually impaired. We recommend that you consult with your financial advisor to assist you in planning your estate.

We are grateful to the following kind-hearted friends for thinking of us in their WILL:
Antonnette Botha (braille music)
J.C. Pienaar (reading material in braille, audio, and large print formats)

Please contact us if you would also like to think of us in your WILL or TRUST and leave an everlasting memory.

Corporate Social Investment

Pioneer Printers is registered with the Department of Social Development as a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO), and we are a SARS-approved Public Benefit Organisation (PBO). 

Your support will help us create a more inclusive society for blind and partially sighted people and leave a lasting legacy for generations. 

You can support our operations as a one-time gift or as a multi-year commitment.

Invest in the Future

Investment income from our reserve funds currently covers approximately 15% of our operating expenses. We aim to grow these funds into an endowment fund that, in the future, will bring us closer to financial self-reliance. This will ensure that accessible formats can be sustainably distributed to visually impaired people.

Your contributions to our investment fund will be the gift that keeps on giving.



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