The following reasons are indicators why we do not hesitate to ask for your support:

Braille, audio and large print production processes are very labour intensive. Production equipment and product materials are very expensive

The unit cost of a product is relatively high, because no large quantities are ordered, because of the small market. We are responsible for our own overhead and running costs to keep within a break-even budget.

For us to be able to sustain a break-even budget in our non-profit environment with limited government subsidy, we constantly seek potential donors, partners and supporters to assist us in delivering our services to the visually impaired in SA.

Pioneer Printers is a registered Non Profit and Public Benefit Organisation. We can supply an article 18A tax deductible receipt to our donors. Our main support comes from Kaleidoscope SA (Institute for the Blind), the owner of our building which we occupy since 1980 at no charge. Our other support comes from Western Cape Education Department that remunerates 20 of our staff.