Computer Technical Support Section

After 48 years we have Mr Alex Munro back at the Pioneer Printers to assist Elzaan Hendriksz (Assistant Manager) with the maintenance of our braille embossers.  Mr Munro is the owner of Radioland in Worcester and since 1970 started assisting the School for the Blind in maintaining their braille and audio electronic equipment.  The school enrolled him at “Enabling Technology Company” in the USA for training in the maintenance of our imported electronic braille embossers.   A few years before his retirement we decided to establish an in-house  Computer Technical Support Section to maintain our braille embossers.   In 2012 he trained Elzaan and another employee to maintain and service our electronic braille embossers.  At the beginning of 2018 our technician resigned and during this crisis period Mr Munro immediately stepped in to support us once again. Thank you Mr Alex Munro for your dedicated support to Pioneer Printers over many years.